Cannabis oil Cape Town – Where and how to find it

With regards to Cannabis oil Cape Town, we are very lucky to be able to procure numerous cannabis based products, while other smaller towns do not have access. One is […] Readmore »

What is cannabis?

Cannabis (also known as weed, ganja, grass, weed, dope, reefer, herb, mull, smoke, skunk, buddha, etc.) is a drug that is gotten from Indian hemp plants like Cannabis indica and […] Readmore »

Dagga olie – Als wat jy hoef te weet

Dagga olie het oor die dekades n baie slegte naam gekry as n gevaarlike middel waarvan almal moet wegbly. Daar het egter oor die laaste paar jaar n groot verandering van persepsie plaasgevind. […] Readmore »

How to grow marijuana

Now that the laws are starting to change in South Africa, the internet is “ablaze” with all kinds of questions around the topic of how to grow marijuana. The great news is […] Readmore »

Difference between Hemp and Cannabis oil?

There are a lot of questions about the varieties of cannabis oil (a.k.a marijuana oil), THC oil, hemp oil and CBD oil, what their names mean and what they contain […] Readmore »

Cannabis can be used at home, Western Cape High Court rules

In a landmark ruling, the Western Cape High Court ruled that it is an infringement to ban the use of cannabis by adults in their own homes. This decision allows for […] Readmore »



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