Cannabis oil for cancer

If you’ve ever cared for a cancer patient and been there through the painful and extremely difficult days of chemotherapy, then you definitely understand why there is a need for […] Readmore »

Dagga olie te koop in Suid Afrika

Top gehalte dagga olie is uiteindelik relatief beskikbaar in Suid Afrika.¬†As gevolg van die huidige klimaat teenoor die plant asook die gebruik daarvan en of dit regtig wettig is, versoorsaak […] Readmore »

Cannabis oil for sale in South Africa

With regards to cannabis oil for sale in South Africa, we are very lucky to be able to procure numerous products based on cannabis oil while other countries are blocking […] Readmore »

Cannabis oil dosage with autism – What is the right amount for me?

The Efficacy of Cannabis Oil on Autism The type and severities of autism is wide, this makes the cannabis efficacy for one patient to be different from the other. It […] Readmore »

Cannabis oil in South Africa

Cannabis oil in South Africa has gotten a bad omen over the decades as being a harmful substance that everyone needs to stay away from. But in recent years, the […] Readmore »

Rick Simpson oil – What you need to know

What is Rick Simpson oil? Extracted from female cannabis plants containing a minimum of 20% THC content, Rick Simpson oil is a highly-concentrated cannabis oil. Simpson advocates¬†making use of cannabis […] Readmore »



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